Southern Eves Revolt

Was a civil war between the High King, who swore fealty to the Arch Fae, and dissenting elves who wished to live free of that being’s influence. The revolt was lead by Silnarthelon the Surehanded with an army of his knights and began with a strike against the palace of the High King in the heart of the Great Forest.

In his arrogance the High King believed that the Arch Fae would protect him on the filed of battle in the heart of his realm and met Silnarthelon in battle. The two fought in single combat until the High King suffered a grievous wound and attempted retreat. As their armies fought in the palace itself, Silnarthelon threw his long sword at the back of the retreating king and pinned him to the door of his own throne room. The flame tongue blade lit and burned the high king alive while the rest of Silnarthelon’s forces kept the kings guard from saving him.

Following the revolt, the high King’s son became the new high king and relinquished the lands of the Southern Eves to Silnarthelon, who was given the title Surehand by his people and renamed the land Brethilien. He then appointed a sovereign council of his most trusted friends and advisers. The positions of the council were Master of War, Master of Gold, Lore Master, Master of the Hearth and Master of Council. Rumors persisted that there was a secret sixth member, the Spy Master, but their identity remains unknown.

Together Silnarthelon and his sovereign council ruled Brethilien until the Sacking of Brethilien by an army of orcs, which slew Silnarthelon and his council in a night raid.

Refugees of Brethilion seeking a place to call their own after forces of the High King took back their land at the edge of the forest found themselves settling an abandoned human city on the edge of the magitech wastes. They called their new home New Brethilion.

Southern Eves Revolt

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