New Brethilion

A frontier town at the edge of the magitech wastes. New Brethilien was settled by refugees pushed south by the destruction of the original Brethilien. The Great River, that acts as the border between the magitech wastes and the wilder land to the west, forms an oxbow lake where New Brethilien is situated. Commerce in the town exists primarily in the use of the river port for ships traveling between Vedovia and Wyrmsgate.

The population of New Brethilien is primarily elven, specifically eladrin. While other sub-species of elves have made their home there, none of them hold any position of power in the community. Eladrin run the local government, most of the commerce and an old and powerful family are in charge of the river port.

New Brethilien was recently a settlement called Bend, with a transient population of primarily humans and dragonborn. When the elven refugees came looking for a home they quickly established a more permanent settlement and swelled their numbers until the current town was formed. Old families also began working to establish facilities along the lake front and charge tolls to passing vessels claiming the entire lake, which they named Silnarth after their previous leader.

Leadership is now handled by the remaining council of Brethilien in exile. Of the original council only two survived; Candracil, the Master of Gold, and Medilon, Master of the Hearth. The other positions were filled by fellow refugees; Corrial, new Master of War; Velos, the new Lore Master and Sessura, the new Master of Council. If a new spy master has been appointed, they are unknown to the general public.

The town proper is mostly of wooden construction with some buildings further in land built into the sides of hills. This is for both ease of building and defense as the town exists essentially on a prairie flood plain with very few local sources of raw building materials. Most of what the city has it has taken as trade or tribute, One main road runs into the city, down out of the forest and across the plains until it reaches the docks at the edge of the lake. Much of the lake edge is taken up with a stone seawall and wooden wharves, each owned and operated by a different family or organization, which is in turn overseen by the Master of Gold.

While being on the opposite side of the river protects the town from much of the dangers of the magitech wastes, it still faces dangers from three other directions. River pirates have been know to setup operation to the north and south, and New Brethilien operates a flotilla and militia of all able-bodied citizens to assist when the town is called to protect their interests on the river. They also face goblin attacks from the unsettled lands to the west. Stone especially is at a premium in New Brethilien as the quarries ot the west are a frequent target of attack.

New Brethilion

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