Mallory the Stormcrow

belligerent elven storm sorcerer


Macarcalo Hurowillin Ilwellorane of House Celebeth; Mallory


~Mallory in a (musical) nutshell~

Songs for everybody~!
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Hey Brother – Avicii (Aurelia)
Mallory worries about Aurelia. A lot. She tends to treat her crews like family, and feels proud and vaguely protective of the young half-elf in the way she might about an accomplished and studious younger sister.

I Am Mountain – Gungor (Lahpae)
Mallory was impressed by the lengths Lahpae went to in trying to get stronger, though she’d be loathe to admit it because of the source and the fight for her soul that followed. She worries a little less about Lahpae than Aurelia, mostly because Lahpae can turn into a giant crocodile.

Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked – Cage the Elephant (Graves)
Mallory is quite content with the knowledge that Graves is much cleverer than herself. She thought his rescue was gallant, if reckless, and is both a little proud and a little horrified that his bad plans look remarkably like something she would do. If he begins to make a habit of it, he will be moved to the “cause for concern” list with Aurelia and Lappae.

Soldier – Goo Goo Dolls (Phaedra)
Phaedra is the first taurwaith Mallory has encountered and then regarded with any real amount of respect, and Mallory’s choice in naming her sword after the eladrin folk hero who defied the Archfey was partially as a tribute to Phaedra.

Heaven Piercing Giga Drill – Area 11 (Casius)
Mallory knows she isn’t as strong as Casius – not just physically, most of the party is stronger than Mallory physically – and wishes a little that she was any good at protecting people the way Casius can.

NPCs & deceased or absent allies

Sure As Hell Not Jesus – Cosmo Jarvis (Galen)
Galen is one of the few people Mallory feels unevenly indebted to. He saved her life a good three or four times and she never got the chance to return the favor.

Renegades – X Ambassadors (Emynwen)
Mallory’s glad he stayed when she mentioned her dreams. She thinks if he leaves, she might never see him again.

Goodnight, Demon Slayer – Voltaire (Amaranth)
Mallory tries to reign in her humor and her language a bit since Amaranth is a kid (or at least looks like one), but is otherwise quite open with her.

Tear in my Heart – Twenty One Pilots (M’lodia)
Mallory has a huge ladycrush on M’lodia. She lacks both the self-awareness and the desire to mention it, but it might be too obvious for her silence on the matter to be relevant.

Pompeii – Bastille (Lord Sextimus)
Mallory feels closer to Sextimus than most of the people she’s met since she first left the Aerie, and learning of his unique time spent traveling the planes hasn’t helped.

See You Again – Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth (Yuusha)
Mallory hopes he’s at peace. She hopes that about a lot of people they didn’t or couldn’t save.

Mallory the Stormcrow

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