Aurelia Marcellia

Bastard-Born Priestess of the Seven


(These are some notes to be fleshed out later)



Father: Marcus Marcellia
Older Half-Brother: Gaius Marcellia (First-Born Inheritor)
Half-Brother: Tiberius Marcellia
Half-Sister: Puella Marcellia
Wife of Marcus Marcellia: Caesia Marcellia

The Seven Gods of Magic

Solara: Source of all Life, Goddess of life, vitality, fertility, creativity, and light.
Luna: Goddess of water, protection, and mysticism.
Mercury: God of intelligence, language, communication, travel and the wind.
Venus: Goddess of harmony, love, balance, purity and peace.
Mars: God of battle, destruction, and fire.
Jupiter: Consort to Solara, God of justice, wisdom and luck.
Saturn: God of darkness, death, and the earth.

Aurelia Marcellia

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