Fate's Razor

There's Something About Owlbear...


After taking the elevator down to the lower level and saving Mallory, Galen didn’t have long to puzzle out the purpose of the massive and strange room he found himself in. As the rest of the party up above suddenly felt the waters begin to churn and rise, Mallory and Galen begin to feel a rain of ochre jelly from somewhere high above. Wasting no time they rejoined the rest of the party on the middle level of the River Engine.

After some brief deliberation it was decided that construction a diving bell out of ship steel would allow the whole party to investigate the top level of the engine. This was quickly accomplished and the party was able to successfully navigate to the submerged elevator using essentially an heavy submerged metal canoe.

Exiting the elevator, the part found themselves the in the reeking den of some foal creature, cold wind and snow blowing in from outside the structure of what once was a building of some kind. A feeling of alien hunger seemed to seep into their minds, but within moments they were assaulted by a vicious owlbear and were unable to contemplate this strange occurrence. Though it nearly took the life of their sorcerer, the party was able to dispatch the beast.

However as the creature dropped, and terrifying sound came tearing through their ears and directly into their minds as it’s mate appeared!


After a pitched fight the abomination was eventually slain and the party was able to leave the fetid lair.

Finding themselves on the snow capped peak of the River Engine and looking on the familiar lands far below, the party made their way to the remains of the structure that stood at the center of the ancient magitech ruin. There they discovered what appeared to be a sprawling laboratory situated around a central dais containing a ruined magitech portal. After some investigation they discovered that the central control panel had been damaged by a mysterious and magic sword. Removing the sword the portal came to life and began showing them hazing vistas as it randomly displayed various locations.

However the portal was not benign as it summoned a frustrated ettin which attacked the party. After defeating the giant the party tried to shut the portal off, which only caused it to become more dangerous by opening portals to it’s random locations directly.

No amount of damage to the controls seemed to stop it, and as the party settled in for the night they realized that not only was this a fabled unfixed magitech portal, but that it was now out of anyone’s control.


Otakusensei Otakusensei

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