Fate's Razor

Gerblins at the River Engine

First Session

As the winter storms have finally began to lessen, the small town of Whoreschurch is beginning to come back to life. A disparate group of adventurers find themselves free to travel once more, but now in debt to the local innkeeper.

One evening they are approached by the only other permanent resident of the inn, an old man who had introduced himself as Mr. Winston when they met him a month ago. He had been sizing them up for a job and finally proposed it seeing as the time for travel was right once more.

His proposition was to have the party travel to a nearby ruin once called the River Engine and see if there was anything there of value. The party quickly agreed to do the job for a sum of 1000 gold pieces to be split among the seven of them. They provisioned themselves and set out into the snow.

Traveling north with only a crude map drawn by Mr. Winston, they eventually found themselves following an old track up an oddly uniform rise. They soon discovered that they were in fact traveling up the River Engine itself, now partially grown over. As they made their way up, toward the location indicated on their map, they discovered a place referred to by locals as The Teeth. Here the southern arm of the ruin, now nearly one hundred feet high, had separated over time from the main body and created a short gap.

It was here that they were ambushed by a goblin raiding party and engaged in the long distance battle in the trees and across the non man’s land the goblins had created in front of their fortified position. Once defeated they were able to use that same position to defend themselves from another group of goblins who tried to sneak up on them from the north. After clearing the area they were able to freely make their way to the entrance to the ruins.

Upon reaching the ruins and defeating the traps near the entrance, the party made their way into the old mining town and discovered a still functional power loader. Using the power loader to swiftly travel across the stripped lower levels they eventually made their way down to a flooded section.

While resting they were attacked by an ochre jelly but quickly dispatched it.

After taking a barge out into the water, the party discovered a functioning elevator on the sunken floor of the room. The elevator worked even while flooded and below they discovered another section of the ruin filled with massive machinery and pitch darkness.


Otakusensei Otakusensei

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