Situated just off the Great Southern Road a days journey south of Grand Junction, it’s primary means of support are the travelers making their way to and from the Cape of Storms.

While close enough to the Great Southern Road to enjoy the protection of the caravans and militias that maintain the road, Whoreschurch is far enough into the Forsaken Wilds to still be dangerous at times. As such it attracts a number of adventurers, as well as ne’er-do-wells and others that find the edges of society and law enforcement more comfortable living.

Once a company town for the Baird Consortium, Whoreschurch was originally called BC1 Town. A smaller settlement deeper in the ruins littered wilds called BC2 Town was essentially a mining camp for the workers who stripped the surrounding magitech ruins. After an incident at the mine a few hundred years ago caused the end of the consortium, the mansion of the local overseer was purchased by a local and converted into the towns only inn. Later a brothel and cabaret was opened, and while the brothel thrived the cabaret eventually ceased operation.

There are no children in Whoreschurch, is a common statement heard about the place. Not being a self sustaining settlement, few families tend to settle there. A rumor also persists that something in the local water keeps people from being able to conceive. This has cast Whoreschurch in a dark light and lead to its reputation as a rough and desolate place. However it’s position as a way stop does make the local business a fair amount of money.

The country side around the small town are littered with some of the largest magitech ruins found outside of the old capital. Of particular interest is a massive structure to the north know as the River Engine. However travel to the area is made difficult by the tribes of goblins and orcs that make their home at the edges of the wilds and prey on civilization.


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