Thunder Keep

At the southern most tip of the Cape of Storms stands a mighty enchanted castle called Thunder Keep. It’s creation is lost to antiquity, and it’s form mutable based on whoever currently holds the title of King of The Highlands and by extension the well being of the lands and peoples of the Cape of Storms.

When a King sits in Thunder Keep and where’s the crown, they fall under the geas and are the King of the Highlands. The crown itself has taken many forms and is itself part of the keep. It has even been destroyed in the past, or lost it’s power only to slip to someone else at the whim of the castle itself.

Though the castle does not speak, save on some occasions to the King, it will make its will known and faithfully serve the desires and intentions of it’s chosen ruler. The castle has the ability to change it’s design and layout, furnishings and size at the whim of the ruler. The interior of the castle can even take on aspects not physically possible, such as being larger on the inside, subjective gravity or having doors that exit into far away places.

When there is no ruler, the castle become a modestly sized stone keep of rather old design lacking glass windows and other modern features. The stone begins to weather and age normally and can crumble to the aspect of a ruin to outward appearance. The interior shapes itself into a puzzle leading to the throne room and the current crown, the castle intending to test anyone who would come to rule it and the Cape of Storms. Failure to solve it’s puzzle may result in death, or the exiling of the participant to some far away location.

Though the castle’s form is mutable, the location is always fixed, and the physical form of the castle can be damaged by attack. Though difficult, it is possible to breach the castle’s defenses and stories tell of thieves who have evaded the awareness of the castle and warlords who have conquered it. The castle has no care for the things that people keep inside it, save for the crown itself. And anyone who has conquered the castle quickly discovers that becoming the King can be its own curse.

Thunder Keep

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