King of the Highlands

The title of the current ruler of Thunder Keep, an enchanted castle at the tip of the Cape of Storms.

The title of King of the Highlands is also enchanted, carrying with it a geas on anyone who takes the crown. They become the master of Thunder Keep, gain it’s power and a level of mental control over the disparate peoples of the Cape of Storms. However this power goes both ways and the current well being of the peoples of the lands under their control becomes reflected in the physical health of the King. A happy, healthy and free populous will give the King a mighty physical stature and powerful magics. Where a populous that labors under tyranny and strife will wither the King both physically and magically.

Without a King in Thunder Keep the disparate peoples of the Cape of Storms are isolated from each other in a land that can be difficult to tend and is constantly assaulted by harsh storms.

A similar effect extends to the Queen of the Highlands, the designated mate and partner of the King. However the well being of the Queen is tied to the land itself.

King of the Highlands

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