Concerning the Empire of Ingram and the reign of The Masters

Long ago the Empire of Ingram held all the lands to the south of the Godscrown Mountains, from the Dawn Coast to the Narrow Sea and down to the Cape of Storms. It was ruled over by the Masters, two deities of the arcane and technology respectively. Whether mortals as some stories tell, or beings of a heavenly origin, the Masters were a man and a woman in love. Nostrum, the male deity of arcane magic, and Koritsu, the female deity of technology.

In it’s earliest days, Ingram was know as the Wise Conqueror. Starting in the ancient kingdom of Dern, now lost in the Forsaken Wilds, Ingram began with the disposition of Dern’s corrupt king and the overtaking of his hold on the surrounding area. Soon other nations called on the Masters for their protection and pledged their fealty. Before long, the workshop city of Ingram was the new capital of a mighty empire.

Not all were pleased to become vassals of the new gods, for nearly a century the King of the Highlands held his strong hold of Thunder Keep deep in the wilderness of the Cape of Storms. A harsh land, the cape offered protection and isolation for the many different peoples there. But unrest came to them in the form of the cursed goblins and their ilk. Driven down into the cape by the strength of the Empire of Ingram, the King of the Highlands was besieged in Thunder Keep by a goblin hoard. The last great host of goblins. After routing the goblin armies there, the Empire extended its friendship which was accepted by the young prince of Thunder Keep after his father perished from wounds.

And so the Empire of Ingram and the domain of the Masters extended from sea to sea and mountains to ice below.

Concerning the Empire of Ingram and the reign of The Masters

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