Cape of Storms

The lower portion of the continent now known as Ingram is a subcontinent that carries the ancient name the Cape of Storms. Beginning as a hilly land just south of the Forsaken Wilds, the Cape of Storms begins as a region of glassy highlands, forests, lakes and meadows. Further south these highlands give way to low mountains, rivers and valleys as the land tappers to a great mountainous cape. At it’s southern most end the peaks of the mountain range seem to rise up almost from the sea itself.

The land, waters and weather of the Cape of Storms are tied strongly to the rulers of Thunder Keep, which sits on a rocky bluff at the tip of the cape itself, over looking a great river valley and the ancient town of Wolfsburg. The River Evenflow runs south from deep in the Ulfer Mountains and provides one of the easiest means of reaching Wolfsburg and Thunder Keep. When the King of the Highlands sits on the throne of Thunder Keep with the Queen of the Highlands, the queen’s power keeps the harsh storms that ravage the subcontinent at bay and ensures that the land is fertile and yields to the hand of the people. Without that power the land becomes barren and difficult to work with, and violent thunderstorms and blizzards become an almost everyday occurrence.

Despite the southern leg of the Great Northern Road extending out of the Forsaken Wilds south to Ulfergate at the northern end of the mountains, the majority of the Cape of Storms is unmapped. Many namegiving peoples make up the settlements and nomadic tribes of the subcontinent, some humanoid some goblinoid and some other.

The entire region is temperate, experiencing the normal turn of four seasons regardless of being under the power of a Queen.

Cape of Storms

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