Lahpae Lahnes

Bunbun of virtue and goodness




Growing up, Lahpae was clumsy, naive, and weak. She was proficient with the Druid arts however, much like many of her tribe. She spent her time mostly between aiding the foraging parties and any medical patients needing attention.
It was on one of these foraging scoutings that a group of goblins attacked the party, consisting of her parents. Greiviously wounded, if it hadn’t been for a squad of patrolling wood elves, she would have perished along with everyone else. Lahpae was taken to the wood elves’ domain and tended to, befriending one of the soldiers whom had saved her life: Sylthyra Highwind.
Onced restored to full health, she returned home to her baby sister, Lahl.
This tragedy left Lahpae feeling inadequate, however. More so than ever before, Lahpae was faced with her weakness, and it was something she could no longer stand. It was this driving motivation that brought her to her tribes’ deity.

Ranna, a spirit of the fey, embodies nature itself. She embodies the law of nature: the weak feed the strong, bringing balance to life. She is chaotic-neutral in nature. Her symbols consist of the rabbit and the wolf. The Druid circle of land generally enshrine the rabbit while the circle of moon enshrines the wolf. Lahpae took this spirit-made-deity as her patron, granting her her warlock abilities.

Lahpae Lahnes

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